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Queen Lace Crystal offers a diverse assortment of barware, stemware and gifts (not all products and designs are pictured). We happily can assist you with gifts of any occasion including bridal, holiday, trophy, corporate gifts or simply just adding to a current collection or beginning a new one.

QLC ProductsOur two distinct collections, African and American wildlife are available on a wide variety of pieces including 14 different barware shapes (brandy, highball, water and martini pitcher, old fashions,decanters, beer pilsners and mugs), 2 unique Stemware Collections (which include a placesetting of Burundy, Water, Wine, Sherry, Champagne and Martini glasses) and an array of gift and trophy pieces (bowls, vases and gift sets).

We offer other designs which consist of Horses (stallion,thoroughbred, polo and race); Sea Life and Fish; Various Dog and Cat Breeds and custom designs tailored to your specifications.

All of our pieces are truly works of art.


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