Who we are?

Queen Lace Crystal distinguishes itself from others by using a renaissance technique called Copper-Wheel Engraving. Copper-Wheel engraving is considered one of the most difficult art forms known to man as the craft takes 10 years to master.

Look Very Closely at the Incredible Detail…. From the Smallest Cordial Glass to the Largest Decanter, Every Piece is Hand-Held to One of 50 Flying Copper-wheels as Each Stroke of the Design is Engraved Into the Crystal By Hand.
Queen Lace Crystal offers stemware, barware, decorative accessories, corporate gifts, bridal registry and custom creations.
Our two distinct series are the African (Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Sable, Leopard and Kudu) and American (Stag, Fox, Quail, Pheasant, Doe, Turkey, Whitetail Deer and Duck) assortments. We offer a wide range of designs ranging from Horses, Dogs, Birds, Fish, logos, inscriptions, family crests and custom designs.