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Handcrafted since 1960's


A crystal brand that inspires elegance in everyday life. Proudly handmade by three generations of a family.

Queen Lace Crystal distinguishes itself from others by using a renaissance technique called Copper-Wheel Engraving. Copper-Wheel engraving is considered one of the most difficult art forms known to man as the craft takes 10 years to master.

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What our friends say! 


"This is truly one company I am more than pleased to refer to my friends."

Vic Lattimore - Plano, Texas


"Our customers can't believe how crisp and clear the designs are and they love to hear how copper wheel engraving is done."

Mindy Plummer, LV Harkness


"Queen Lace Crystal is a wonderful way to bring your passion for wildlife and the outdoors to your table."

Robert Booz, Beretta USA


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